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“…We have bought 5 Chabble devices, one for each of our suites, with the aim of capturing magic moments in pictures, film and sound which residents can share with their loved ones. We also aim to use the chabble devices to assist staff and family members to better support residents with communication deficits as they use key phrases and pictures to clarify their needs and wishes.”​

Lisa Kieh (Gofal a Chymorth/ Gwalia Care & Support)

“… Chabble is a great way for youngsters with learning disabilities to communicate if they have a condition that has affected their speech. I have worked with several people where Chabble would have not only helped in their daily life but also with rehabilitation. Chabble is not only easy to use but totally safe that is also important to me…”

Sue Mackey (Key Worker and Mother of daughter Vickey with learning disabilities)

“…I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and comatose for 2 months. I had physical, occupational, and speech therapy for 6 months when I woke up. I can't stress enough how helpful chabble will be to the lives of those who have difficulty speaking. The bonus is adding pictures to a personal Album so they are always close to the treasures and people they love! Chabble is a win-win-win tool for everyone to communicate!!!”​

Shannon Marie Hilbert USA (Activity Assistant Certified – Retired)

“…Thank you so much Martin for setting up Chabble and the Tablet yesterday and going through the program with us. It is already being used by staff and residents and thoroughly enjoyed. We will be dancing this afternoon. We would like to set up a direct debit for a second Tablet next week.”

Theresa Thomas (Chilton Place Care Home)