For Care Professionals

'Chabble Activities' assists with Support, Understanding, Observation, Delivery and Quality Reviews  providing a unique way to bring Technology into day to day life. It also provides a wide range of Features to promote Engagement, Communication, and Person Centred Care to make the delivery of daily tasks more effective and enjoyable. 

  • The Chabble Activity Pad is the Activity Coordinator's day to day personal organiser bringing all your Activities, Timetables, Schedules, Reviews and Reports into one place that are easily accessible and safe. 

  • Chabble Activities are extremely portable and enable you to deliver Fun Activities to Residents in their Room, or in the Lounge instantly.

  • Enjoy the Training, Residents Workshops and ongoing Support supplied with the Package. 

  • New and exciting Activity Ideas and Recipes will be sent to you each month.

  • Monthly Activity Products will be delivered directly to you saving you time and  reducing purchasing costs. 

  • Chabble's safe pictures and videos can support any Activities carried out at your Facility.

  • Improves your ability to Communicate with any Resident, especially in challenging situations.

  • Enables more Quality Time spent with Residents.

  • Supports you in Quality Reviews and Record Keeping.

  • Promotes Networking/Ongoing Development.

 "We enjoyed putting all our Resident Albums onto Chabble."