Chabble and Activities

Drawing Board ( can Connect with TV )

There are so many ways that the Drawing Board can be used as an  activity, either by writing or using simple drawings that can then be printed and saved. The Drawing Board can also be used for games such as noughts and crosses, word games and many others - all that promote engagement and cognitive development.

Album of Personal Choices

As an activity, creating Albums can be fun to do, especially in a group where Albums can be built for each individual incorporating their likes, dislikes, personal favourites and areas of interest in perhaps things like music, sport , days gone by, etc. At the same time, Albums can promote person centred care, facilitating respect and dignity.

Games and Fun Libraries

We encourage our users to upload a variety of games and fun libraries into the Album section. 'Name the Celebrity', 'Cuties', 'Name the Plant or Animal' are just a few that can be provided, but there are so many more you can create.

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