Chabble and Communication

Emergency Quick Statements

There are millions of people with a wide variety of conditions that affect speech. Available by simple touch, Quick Statements are a modern day replacement for the traditional flash cards. They are instant, easy to use and break down communication barriers. 'Quick Statements' could be crucial in an emergency situation and could even save lives.

One to One Conversational Phrases

Thousands of 'Pre-set Phrases' with multi choice answers offer people with restricted speech and movement the opportunity to engage in normal conversation; a major breakthrough in communication promoting well being and engagement.

Drawing Board Finger Touch Chat

Sometimes it is impossible for an Individual to talk, hold a pen or use a keyboard. The Drawing Board allows the user to communicate simply in words or pictures. It is also a useful tool for Carers or Professionals to engage with their clients who may perhaps be hard of hearing or have difficulty responding.

Say it with Pictures

The Album of Choices can capture all those things you want to say or do in addition to Chabble's other Communication Features. Creating Albums, categories and uploading images quickly and simply  of where you want to go, things you need, how you feel, your favourites, likes and dislikes will enable the user to communicate easily by simple touch.