Chabble was initially designed as a simple 'touch a phrase' communication tool for individuals with restricted speech and movement. Now activities and other features have been added to make it available for everyone.


Today Chabble has evolved offering more unique ways to allow Individuals, their Families and Professionals to communicate and converse where the ability to do so has become restricted or removed. Chabble is also used by Activity Co-ordinators in Care and Residential Homes to upload activities and capture magical moments.


Chabble can now be used by Individuals of all ages and abilities, at home, out-and-about or within health care facilities.


For Professionals and the Health and Social Care Sector, Chabble offers an immediate, cost effective and time saving way to both communicate with Clients one2one, requiring no voice or keyboard.

When used creatively, Chabble can promote participation, engagement and cognitive rehabilitation to enhance a client's quality of life and well being.


Chabble utilises TouchPhrase® Technology.

Unitalk Ltd, the creator of TouchPhrase®, has won several awards and accolades for its work.