Chairman of Stroke Information

"I would personally like to congratulate the developers of CHABBLE.

After suffering a severe stroke myself, in 2012, my recovery has been good, so good that I identified that there wasn't a lot of support out there for those impacted by Stroke. Therefore I started Stroke Information, which I am very happy to say has just obtained registered charity status.

When I started StrokeInformation and concentrating on my own goal to get charity status, I also wanted to invest time looking into Communication Apps for our members, in doing so I found Chabble and downloaded it, a lot of research has gone into this App and I have found it absolutely perfect in every way.

As a volunteer on the local Stroke Ward I could empathise with unique ability to others and one of the many frustrations for those impacted by Stroke was the inability to communicate positively with anyone. I have to say Chabble has removed that barrier very effectively and I am sure this will go on to be a fantastic success for the Chabble team.

Well done, seriously well done and congratulations as I will be recommending it in my circles at the and "

Nick Clarke