For Care Facilities

'Chabble Activities' offers Care Facilities many benefits including:


  • Enables any Care Staff Member to carry out ‘Activity Based Tasks’ with Groups, or Individuals one to one in their rooms.

  • Reduces Staff Time, Costs & Overheads.

  • Brings Award Winning Technology into Daily Activities.

  • Monthly Activity Packages deliver fresh ideas every Month, together with a wide range of Activity Recipes.

  • Staff can use Chabble to capture those Magical Moments and Images and store them safely into the Activity Albums.

  • Chabble allows you to create and save Quality Reviews, Resident Timetables and Reports, easily and safely.

  • Ongoing Staff Training, Resident Workshops and Support.

  • Promotes Competitive Advantage, Exemplar in Communications Technology.

  • Introduces Market Advantages and PR Opportunities.

Benefits to Your Residents in their Room

  • Chabble takes ‘Person Centred Care’ to a whole new level.

  • It is extremely portable, can be set up within minutes and deliver a wide range of different Activities to individuals who cannot participate in the Lounge or in Groups. 

  • Reduces isolation and loneliness.

  • Chabble's range of Activities can be delivered by an member of Staff easily and effectively to any Resident.

  • Chabble can also be used to engage Family Members and Friends making Visiting a joyful experience.

  • Chabble opens instant communication via its huge range of phrases, pictures, and Apps such as Skype, FaceTime etc.

  • Can provide connection with the outside world via downloads such as BBC Iplayer, News Channels, Radio Stations - all at one simple touch.