Our Story

The Journey of Chabble and its Activities...

​'Chabble' was initially designed as unique Communication Software that required no voice or keyboard. It greatly benefited people living with conditions such as Stroke, Dementia and Alzheimers. It not only enhanced communication, but also promoted cognitive development and a new way of delivering Activities.  

Why now 'Chabble Activities' Training, Workshops and Support?

Activity and Care Professionals are now demanding even more from Chabble such as:

  • Monthly Activities Packages’ to help them deliver new and exciting activities to engage their Residents.

  • Free Activity Software/App Recommendations that have been researched and tested.

  • Ways to capture and demonstrate their work to Care Standards etc.

  • ‘Information and News’ to help them keep up to date with innovation, local news, gain new ideas etc

  • ‘Local Networking Days’ to meet and brainstorm new ideas with other Professionals.

  • Ongoing Services and Support that help them better deliver what they do best.

Chabble can now be used by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!