'Chabble Activities' 
Training, Workshops and Support

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                         Option 1:

  • Chabble Software with regular Updates to suit any size device.

  • Staff Training and Resident Workshops throughout the Year.

  • Monthly ‘Recipe Cards’ & ‘Fun Fact Sheets’.

  • Monthly ‘Activity Products’ to your Door.

  • Monthly ‘Activity App Recommendations’ to suit your Facility.

  • Invites to ‘Sharing Ideas Workshops’.

  • Dedicated Support Manager/Fundraising Advice.


         Only £9.22/week (£39.99/month) 

                           (Minimum 12 Month)

                         Option 2:

  • Includes ALL Option 1  Features.


  • Activity IPad and Hardcase.

  • Bluetooth Speaker.

  • TV Connector Leads.

  • Carry Bag and Accessories.

  • Installation and Product Training.

  • Hardware and Software User Guides.


         Only £13.84/week (£59.99/month) 

                          (£99.00 Deposit - 18 Month Minimum)

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